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“Touching the Bible" – The Bible, a Building Block in Jewish Identity.

About the book Touching the Bible (לגעת בפסוקים ):

The Bible is compared to a vast deep ocean which on its seafloor lays a treasure of pearls. How can one reach these pearls? Very few are the pearl divers! The compilation “Touching the Bible” faces this challenge in an unprecedented way.

The compilation “Touching the Bible” was published in the midst of a struggle on the character of the State of Israel and the defining of the Jewish Identity. The issue of Jewish identity is the issue of our generation.

May the delving into the depths of scripture, to retrieve these treasures, which have been sanctified thousands of years ago, be what casts shared content into our national identity? R. Sa’adya Gaon replied in this manner 1000 years ago!: “Our nation is not a nation except in its scripture”.

“Touching the Bible” is a marvelous collection of biblical excerpts, both in its content and in its professional splendid graphic design. These excerpts are presented in the order that they are written in the sacred source. Before each section, an illuminating title was added – all in the spirit of tradition.

The compilation sheds light on the epics which are hidden between the pages of the bible, most of which are imagination inspiring dramas. It encompasses the legacies – The chronicles of the nation of Israel. It retrieves from the depths the values that are entrenched in the scripture, ethics that are fitting to everybody, whomsoever they are. It also emphasizes and demonstrates the richness and splendor of the scriptures language.

The book “Touching the Bible” opens a window into scripture.

The book was recommended by the president of Israel Shimon Peres, Rabbis, public figures and educators.

About the Lecture:

The exciting lecture discusses the issue of Jewish identity and tells the story of the book, humorously and accompanied with personal experiences well seasoned in biblical verses.

About the Lecturer:

Graduated Engineering studies about 40 years ago. Today: Senior engineer in the Ministry of Defense. Occupation for the last 25 years: Aerospace and satellite.

Passion for Bible studies. Worked on the book “Touching the Bible” for more than 12 years.

Personal info: Married + 3. Raised in a religious home, attended “Bnei Akiva”. Today describes himself as wearing a “transparent Kippa”.